We are interested in understanding the formation of biofilms through quantitatively analyzing and understanding motility, communication, and other inter-cellular interactions in microbial systems to decipher motivation. Our lab is inherently interdisciplinary in scope; we use tools and techniques from applied microbiology, soft-matter physics, and microfluidics. In addition, we are interested in both fundamental and applied research, as well as their transfer to biotechnology applications.


Alcanivorax borkumensis biofilms enhance oil degradation by interfacial tubulation
Science (2023)
August 18, 2023
Identification of lthB , a Gene Encoding a Putative Glycosyltransferase Family 8 Protein Required for Leptothrix Sheath Formation
Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2023)
March 23, 2023


A nice Science Magazine youtube video describing the results in our recent Alcanivorax paper
September 15, 2023
A nice commentary in Nature Microbiology about our paper on Alcanivorax
September 15, 2023
A nice commentary in Science on our recent Alcanivorax paper
August 28, 2023

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Doctoral and post-doctoral positions are available, however at this time external funding is needed for postdocs. We seek enthusiastic, self-motivated scientists of all backgrounds.