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Bacteria produce a variety of diffusible molecules, some of which are surface active. These biosurfactants are used in communication, attack or defense, foraging, and locomotion. We are studying the influence of biosurfactants on signaling, communication, nutrient uptake and biofilm formation using Pseudomonas aeruginosa. (more to come later)

Bacterial Encapsulation

We utilize microfluidic techniques to generate microcapsules to create custom-designed microenvironments to encapsulate, grow, and handle microorganisms. We are using these carriers to study cell-cell interactions. (more to come later)

Applied Microbiology

We are using tracking algorithms derived from colloidal physics to track and extract data from the motion of thousands of bacteria. We are studying how bacteria use motility as planktonic individuals and as members of biofilm communities to understand how changes in motility can reveal clues about the planktonic-to-biofilm transition. We combine these techniques with microfluidics to precisely control environmental conditions. (more to come)

Community Structure of Skin Bacteria


Oil Degrading Biofilms